Data Structures

Saad Qasim / NED University

Concept of Arrays

The lecture gives a basic introduction on array data structure. How they are different from other data type and where they are used.

Array storing and retrieval

The lecture focus on how the arrays are store inside the memory. It also explains the method of accessing arrays.

Array Transversing

Lectures shed light on the term "Array Transversing" and explains in detail with an example.

Array Transversing through strings

This module describes the transversing in strings by a very simple encryption decryption example.

Array Representation

The graphical representation of arrays is explained in this very lecture.

Array Insertion and Deletion

This video module describes how to insert and delete an array element.

Array Applications

This video module shares some of the practical applications of array.

Array Example

This lecture gives an example of an array to make things clear.