2016 IEEE Academic Awards

During 2016, we launched the campaign #educationisglobal where people shared their photos among the world.

Now, as the year is coming to the end, we are excited to announce the 2016 IEEE Academic Awards!
These awards are dedicated to the members of IEEE Academic, who are always willing to spend their energy and their work to improve education globally. Our teams and authors have, as such, the opportunity to be recognised for their outstanding work and commitment.

2016 IEEE Academic Awards

This year we have three awards:

  • 2016 IEEE Academic Most Innovative Team
  • 2016 IEEE Academic Most Innovative Author
  • 2016 IEEE Academic Most Productive Team

Eligibility Criteria:

  • For you or your authors to be considered for these awards, your team must have published 25 or more videos so far;
  • From the innovative series of videos active in 2016 (if there are any), we select the most innovative, and recognize the team as 2016 Most Innovative Team and the author as 2016 Most Innovative Author;
  • The team with the longest total duration (provided it's at least 4 hours) published during 2016 will be recognized as 2016 Most Productive Team;
  • In case of ambiguity, we will interpret or adapt these rules as needed, in any manner we deem appropriate; our decisions are final.

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